Cancer research panel to be formed

Featured in Burwood Scene, February 17, 2015.

Are you a cancer patient, survivor of cancer, carer of someone with cancer (past or present) or are you involved with organisations that represent consumers’ interests in cancer research?

If you are interested in assisting cancer researchers by contributing an essential consumer perspective, then you may wish to become part of a panel.

The ANZAC Research Institute, where Professor Derek Hart and his team of Australian and overseas specialists are continuing their blood cancer research – and in particular Acute Myeloid Leukaemia, are seeking people who have been affected by cancer or represent organisations that represent the interests of people affected by cancer.

Studies have now shown that the quality and content of research benefit greatly from consumer engagement.

“There has been an increase in awareness that the direction research takes, its ability to be applied to community needs and the end value for people affected by cancer has a greater benefit to the overall research project,” said Research Manager, Dr Lisa Bridgett from the ANZAC Research Institute at Concord Hospital.

“Research funders are now convinced, and most require evidence, that applicants for funding need to have engaged in a meaningful way with informed consumers.”

If you are interested, your role will be to voice the consumer perspective and take part in the decision making processes around the research on behalf of consumers. You will consider issues from as broad and as objective a viewpoint as possible. For example; Is this a valuable research objective for people affected by cancer?

You will ultimately provide the consumer perspective on the research and ensure that the research team has considered its impact and how the community will be informed about the results.

If you fit the criteria above and would like to help us do better cancer research, please contact our group Research Manager, Dr Lisa Bridgett on 9767 9968 or by Friday, 27 February 2015.

Professor Derek Hart, who is working on the dendritic cell in the white blood cells as an answer to cancer, heads up the brilliant team at Concord. The cell, which he helped to discover, holds the key to fighting cancer by retraining a person’s own dendritic blood cells to fight cancer from the inside.

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By Belinda Noonan.


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