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Your Donation to Dendritic Cell Research

Your donations to Dendritic Cell Research, through the ANZAC Health & Medical Research Foundation*, are vital to ensuring we can continue our research and our mission to develop new diagnostics and therapeutics for use in patients with a range of cancer and associated complications.


Corporate Donations could help support:

  • Sponsorship of an event or seminar
  • Support for a Scientific Fellowship
  • Purchase of a vital piece research equipment

If your company would like to become a regular donor and to have their logo on our website, please contact the DCR Executive Assistant at


Often, after the passing of a loved one, family members look for special ways to remember and honour their memory. One way in which this can be done is by arranging for family and friends to donate in memory of the person who has passed away.

A Memorial Donation to Dendritic Cell Research is a thoughtful way to remember someone, and at the same time help give health and life to those who remain.

Any money donated to the Dendritic Cell Research in this way is recorded as a donation in memory of the deceased. Often the family may ask that any money that would normally have been spent on flowers for the funeral be directed to Dendritic Cell Research.

The next of kin are notified in writing of all those who have contributed.


By making a regular donation via a direct debit each month, quarterly or yearly, you will provide invaluable support to our work. This will allow us to use pledged income to plan for the future. You will also help us to save on administrative costs and postage, as receipting is available annually at the end of each financial year.


Help us continue our research and our mission to develop new diagnostics and therapeutics for cancer patients.

It’s so easy to make a donation to Dendritic Cell Research

*The ANZAC Health and Medical Research Foundation was established by the ANZAC Research Institute in 1995.  It is an approved Deductible Gift Recipient (ABN: 48 066 780 005).  As a research group with the ANZAC Research Institute, all donations to Dendritic Cell Research must come through this foundation.  Please mention DCR in your online transaction reference.


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