Dr Silveira presents at The Transplantation Society Conference

Dr Silveira presenting at The Transplantation Society Conference held in Madrid, Spain.

On my way to The Transplantation Society (TTS) conference in Spain, I stopped off in Oxford UK, where I gave a seminar of our work on the dendritic cell molecule CD302 to the Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine. During my visit there, I was able to meet with Prof. David Jackson who is an expert on dendritic cell migration to discuss our work and setup potential collaborative experiments between our laboratories.

The Transplantation Society (TTS) conference in Madrid was attended by international clinicians, health workers and researchers from all parts of the globe working to improve transplantation. The conference overall was an excellent meeting and opened my horizons in terms of different aspects of research in this field. In particular I was able to learn about the cutting edge of immunological research in the field of transplantation, in particular the role of regulatory T cells, dendritic cells and other myeloid cells in preventing graft rejection. I attended fascinating plenary talks from world leaders in the field including Prof. Abul Abbas on the function of Tregs, Prof. Marcela Maus on new immunotherapeutics and Prof. Atul Butte on how to use large meta data in medicine. The conference organised question and answer sessions with the plenary speakers in a small separate area outside the conference theatre, where I was able to listen and ask questions to learn more about their fascinating work. I presented a poster of our laboratory’s work on the anti-CD83 immunosuppressive antibody which was presented to various colleagues during a poster session. In addition, I gave an oral presentation on the final day in the “chimerism and Graft versus Host disease (GVHD)” session, describing our new model for reduced intensity conditioning GVHD. The ability to expose our work to the international transplantation community at this conference is invaluable for setting up future collaborations and obtaining competitive grant funding for our research. I thank the CRGH Research Committee for their generous travel grant to attend this conference which helped pay for most of the airfare to the conference.

Dr Pablo Silveira


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