Dreadlocks anyone?

Cristian Silveria

Cristian Silveira donates money raised to Dendritic Cell Research

Cristian Silveira had been growing his hair for about 17 years and dreadlocks for 5 years of this.  The time had come for Cristian to start thinking of cutting his hair. His work colleagues had suggested to do it for charity as colleagues wanted contribute to it.

Cristian decided to donate to Dendritic Cell Research as he has lost an uncle in last two years to cancer, also other friends and family who have suffered with cancer as well. He believes we should be doing a lot to fight the battle with cancer before losing more friends and family.

It was decided to auction the dreadlocks, which gave colleagues the opportunity to cut one of dreads at a cost to try raise as much money as possible.  $330.00 was raised and donated to DCR!

Cristian works at oOh!media in North Sydney.


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